The Truth (and Myths) of Student Attack Prevention

The Truths (and Myths) of Student Attack Prevention trains teachers, employees, volunteers, administrators, and other school participants about student attackers.

Trainees will learn:

  • About student attacks
  • Who are student attackers
  • What motivates student attackers
  • Who student attackers target
  • Where and when student attacks can occur
  • What to do if a student attack suspected
  • How school participants can help prevent student attacks


Risks and Subjects Covered:

  • Student Safety: the types of acts or situations that can cause a student to attack; who attackers target; and what type of environment can lead to a student attack.
  • Online and after school behavior: including how attackers often disclose their intentions online and how other school participants, including students and teachers, can see the online warning signs and report them.
  • What constitutes an environment that can lead to an attack: the circumstances in a student’s life that can lead to an attack, and the types of environments that can lead to an attack.
  • Student attack prevention: identifying the signs of a potential attacker; eliminating the boundaries that keep student participants from reporting threats; what to do when a report is made


Audience: All school participants including teachers, employees, volunteers and administration

Format: On-demand video, compatible with iOS devices

Length: 20-25 minutes

Trainer Available: Yes. Questions are received and answered via email from McCalmon trainers.

Language: English

Testing: Yes. Includes a pre- and post-questionnaire of five questions.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Written Materials: Yes

Interactive scenarios: Yes

Closed captioning: Yes

Customizable: Yes. The module can be changed to incorporate organizational policies and procedures; state or regulatory statutes, and can be adapted to other languages.

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