Smarter, Better Safety - Distracted Driving Prevention

Smarter, Better Safety–Distracted Driving Prevention is an online “dos and don’ts” training and orientation course for employees and/or workplace participants. The module examines the safety issues related to driving while distracted.

Trainees will learn:

  • Proper methods for avoiding manual distracted driving
  • Common visual and cognitive driving distractions
  • The high safety risk of texting while driving
  • How to use a hands-free device as a safe alternative

Risks and Subjects Covered:

  • Driving safety: what is distracted driving; the risk distracted driving creates for all drivers; the risk of injuries; the liability exposure; and how texting and other distractions are particularly dangerous
  • Distracted driving prevention: common manual, visual, and cognitive distractions; the myth of multi-tasking while driving; how to avoid distractions

Audience: All employees and workplace participants

Format: On-demand video, compatible with iOS devices

Length: 15 minutes

Trainer Available: Yes. Questions are received and answered via email from
McCalmon trainers.

Language: English

Testing: Yes. Includes a pre- and post-questionnaire of five questions.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Written Materials: Yes

Interactive scenarios: Yes

Closed captioning: Yes

Customizable: Yes. The module can be changed to incorporate organizational policies and procedures; state or regulatory statutes, and can be adapted to other languages.

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