Workplace Investigations

Employers have a duty to respond to reports of workplace wrongdoing with a timely, objective, and thorough investigation to discover the facts underlying the report.

The McCalmon Group, Inc. provides experienced investigators who uncover the facts an employer can use as support for a reasonable, defensible response to a report of wrongdoing.

McCalmon investigators are licensed attorneys* who understand employer defenses and the important role a neutral, professional third party investigation can play in limiting employer liability.

McCalmon investigates charges of:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Abuse and bullying
  • Criminal acts
  • Other forms of workplace wrongdoing

Please contact us to speak to an investigator and to receive pricing.


*When performing these services, McCalmon attorneys do not establish an attorney-client relationship or any attorney-client privilege. We do not provide legal services or legal advice. Organizations and insured seeking legal advice should consult their counsel in their jurisdiction for a legal opinion.