Smarter, Better Lifting Practices

Smarter, Better Lifting Practices is an online “dos and don’ts” training and orientation course for employees and/or workplace participants. The module examines proper lifting techniques and is aimed at decreasing the risk of workplace injuries related to lifting.

Trainees will learn:

  • The impact of improper lifting techniques in the workplace
  • Better lifting mechanics
  • The maximum weight anyone should lift
  • The importance of planning a lift

Risks and Subjects Covered:

  • Safety: how the use of proper lifting and setting down techniques can help prevent injuries.
  • Injury prevention: the importance of good footing; proper posture; planning a lift; avoiding twisting or reaching; how to work with a partner.
  • Workers’ compensation and return-to-work: preventing injuries through teaching proper lifting limits workers’ compensation claims. Workplace back injuries are one of the more common and difficult workers’ compensation claims to address, including integrating injured workers back into the workforce.


Audience: All employees and workplace participants

Format: On-demand video, compatible with iOS devices

Length: [15 minutes]

Trainer Available: Yes. Questions are received and answered via email from
McCalmon trainers.

Language: English

Testing: Yes. Includes a pre- and post-questionnaire of five questions.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Written Materials: Yes

Interactive scenarios: Yes

Closed captioning: Yes

Customizable: Yes. The module can be changed to incorporate organizational policies and procedures; state or regulatory statutes, and can be adapted to other languages.

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