Best Practices for Preventing Wrongful Termination

Best Practices for Preventing Wrongful Termination is an online training module for managers and supervisors in a non-video, bandwidth friendly format. It is available 24/7, and defines and clarifies the serious risks and consequences of illegal and improperly performed terminations. Managers will learn the impact of wrongful termination on employees; the risks it creates for managers and employers; and their responsibility to prevent it.

Trainees will learn:

  • What is wrongful termination
  • The types of wrongful termination including termination for discrimination, reporting wrongdoing, and retaliation
  • Acts that constitute wrongful termination
  • Who can commit wrongful termination
  • Where and when wrongful termination can take place
  • What is retaliation and the risk it presents managers and employers
  • Who are whistleblowers and why they are protected
  • The risks involved with termination, including terminating contract employees
  • A manager’s role in preventing wrongful termination
  • A manager’s responsibility to terminate employees properly and respectfully

Risks and Subjects Covered:           

  • Equal employment:  Trainees learn about wrongful termination, including its relationship to federal and state laws; the types of wrongful termination; explanations of wrongful termination as it relates to discrimination, whistleblowing, retaliation and employment contracts; and the litigation risks of ignoring acts that could constitute wrongful termination.


  • Liability: Trainees will learn how liability is imposed if they terminate employees for performing legal acts or refusing to perform illegal acts.


  • Retaliation prevention: Trainees will learn about retaliation in the context of wrongful termination and how they can lower their exposure to this serious risk.


  • Proper management practices: Trainees are encouraged to respect all employees; the costs involved with terminating employees, including the litigation risks and how to address wrongful termination if it is alleged.


  • Loss Prevention: Trainees learn the importance of observation; reporting acts that could constitute wrongful termination promptly; enforcing employer policies; cooperating with investigators; and refraining from retaliatory actions.


Audience: Managers and supervisors

Format: On-demand in a Flash format. Not compatible with handheld devices.

Length: 45-75 minutes

Trainer Available: Yes. Questions are received and answered via email from McCalmon trainers.

Language: English

Testing: Yes. Includes a pre- and post-questionnaire of ten questions.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Written Materials: Yes

Interactive Scenarios: Yes

Closed Captioning: No

Customization: Yes. The module can be changed to incorporate organizational policies and procedures; state or regulatory statutes, and can be adapted to other languages.

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