Assessing and Evaluating Student Threats

Assessing and Evaluating Student Threats is a three-part online training module, available 24/7, which examines student threats and helps administrators evaluate and differentiate between the different types of student threats.

Trainees will learn:

  • What is a threat
  • The different threat levels
  • Acts that constitute low and high level threats
  • Who can commit threats and why threats are made
  • How to differentiate between threats
  • The characteristics of dangerous threats
  • The risks of blanket profiling
  • The purpose of threat evaluation
  • How to properly assess threats

Risks and Subjects Covered:

  • Student safety: the types of acts or situations that can cause a student to attack; who attackers target; and what type of environment can lead to a student attack.


  • Assessment: how to assess between different threat levels and how to respond to each.


  • Student attack prevention: identifying the signs of a potential attacker; eliminating the boundaries that keep student participants from reporting threats; what to do when a report is made.


  • Loss Prevention: including the importance of observation; cooperating with law enforcement; reporting; and managing threats of potential violence promptly and appropriately.


Audience: School Administrators

Format: On-demand video, compatible with iOS devices

Length:  Three modules. Part 1: 20-25 minutes; Part 2: 18-20 minutes; Part 3: 18-20 minutes.

Trainer Available: Yes. Questions are received and answered via email from McCalmon trainers.

Language: English

Testing: Yes. Includes a pre- and post-questionnaire of five questions.

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Written Materials: Yes

Interactive Scenarios: Yes

Closed Captioning: Yes

Customization: Yes. The module can be changed to incorporate organizational policies and procedures; state or regulatory statutes, and can be adapted to other languages.

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