With over 5,000 informational pieces and a steady flow of weekly content, a subscription to will keep you and your management team apprised on all issues surrounding the workplace including:

  • Equal employment
  • Health and wellness
  • Management practices
  • Ethics and leadership
  • Cyber-security
  • Workplace safety and security
  • Judicial decisions and legislative trends
  • Many other topics upon request

More than links to other articles or legal citations, provides important analysis and opinion from the workplace experts of The McCalmon Group on:

  • Emerging trends and exposures
  • Litigation risks
  • Impactful judicial decisions
  • Managerial insights
  • Much more

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With the right content, you can keep your online visitors engaged. However, the right content is not always easy to find, let alone deliver. How often do you spend time searching, even begging, for content? What if you could have all the content you need at your fingertips?

The McCalmon Group understands "content is king" when you are connecting online or through newsletters. We have an extensive and ever-expanding content library that includes expert commentary and valuable resources on a variety of subjects your clients, customers, insured, and employees want to read including:

  • Employment practices
  • Health and wellness
  • Management practices liability
  • Ethics and leadership
  • Cybersecurity
  • Workplace safety and security
  • Child safety
  • Judicial decisions and legislative trends
  • Many other topics upon request

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Learning Management

Nearly a decade ago, McCalmon began licensing customized learning platforms to insured, clients, agents, employees, and volunteers. Today, McCalmon's learning management platforms set the standard.

If your online presence is just a website or portal, you should consider upgrading to a learning management system that can provide continuous and updated content including:

  • Blogs
  • Seminars
  • Training
  • Articles
  • Webinars
  • Alerts
  • News feeds

McCalmon's learning management systems provide not only information and training, but also important feedback so you know what your clients, insured, and employees want, as well as how they are using your platform.

Want to customize your platform for a specific audience, industry, or state? No problem. McCalmon can customize your learning management to meet your needs and message while focusing on the specific interests and concerns of your site's visitors.

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