A yearly subscription to provides The McCalmon Group’s elite education, training, information or resources for your employees, managers and executives on a variety of important subjects:

  • Health and wellness
  • Success and productivity
  • Best practices in management
  • Safety and security, including cyber-security
  • Ethics and leadership
  • Workplace and judicial trends
  • Much more

You, your management and/or your employees will receive new information every day including tweets and alerts as well as expert commentary from McCalmon on issues regarding the workplace.

With our learning management platform we are able to direct our information to the proper audience…so executives will receive information meant for executives and front-line employees will receive information suitable for employees.

Training and seminars are also available for employees, managers and executives including on-demand and live training and seminars with a subscription to Subscribers to receive a discount not available to everyone else.

Other resources are also available to human resource personnel including model handbooks, forms and access to McCalmon’s expertise via our help line and our other professional services.

Do you want to make available to your clients or customers as part of a service from your organization? Or do you want your own platform for your employees that includes McCalmon information and your own?

No problem.

You can purchase a subscription for all or just a few of your clients or McCalmon can create a customized platform for your organization that carries your brand and your information for your clients, customers and people. 

With you bring the type of information, training and resources that can transform your workplace and the workplaces of those your serve.

Contact us for pricing information or schedule a walkthrough of what can provide.