Learning Management

Nearly a decade ago, McCalmon began licensing customized learning platforms to insured, clients, agents, employees and volunteers. Today, McCalmon’s learning management platforms are the standard.

If your online presence is a website or portal, you should consider upgrading to a learning management system that can provide continual and updated:

  • Blogs
  • Seminars
  • Training
  • Articles
  • Alerts
  • News feeds
  • Tweets

McCalmon’s learning management platforms not only provide information and training, they provide important feedback so you know what your customers, insured and employees want as well as how your platform is being used.

Want to customize your platform for a specific audience, industry or state? No problem. McCalmon can customize your learning management to meet your needs and message while focusing on the specific concerns of your visitors.

If you are interested in taking your online presence from static to engaging, contact us about subscribing to a McCalmon learning management platform.