McCalmon mediation services help employers resolve disputes internally and more effectively than litigation. 

Unlike litigation with limited remedies, mediation is a confidential, quick process. A highly-trained, impartial McCalmon mediator works with disputing parties to help create a reasonable resolution limited only by the parties’ imaginations and mutual agreement. The process usually takes a day or several hours, avoids litigation costs, and preserves relationships.

Mediation is the perfect remedy for:

  • Disputes between coworkers
  • Disputes with contractors and vendors
  • Disputes between management and employees

Please contact us to speak to a mediator and to receive pricing.


*When performing these services, McCalmon attorneys do not establish an attorney-client relationship or any attorney-client privilege. We do not provide legal services or legal advice. Organizations and insured seeking legal advice should consult their counsel in their jurisdiction for a legal opinion.